Victoria is our second longest working employee. This will be her third season.


Victoria graduated from the Vocational Transition Center in 2018 and just started at Texas Tech's Burkhart Center. She is so excited to be there.


Victoria loves working for Nick's. Every time she works, I often get 4 texts that night from her. They almost always say, Thank you for letting me work, I love working, I can't wait to work again, and when do I work again.

Victoria was a student of mine when I taught at the VTC. I asked her if she goes by Vicky or Victoria. She answered, "Vicky" paused and then said, "Victoria." Since that day, I call her Vicky Victoria.

Vicky Victoria will be working every other Saturday at our new building at the Wolfforth Farmers Market from 10:00 to 2:00 starting in March. Come on out and see us.