Tylor is the focus of our 4th Friday profile of the employees of Nick's. He is beginning his third year with us.


I often call Tylor "Mr. Perfect" because he has been our cashier at over 140 events and our money has reconciled to the penny every time. One day, a customer told him that he didn't give her enough change. He said that he was sure that he did. The customer looked at me and I told her that my bet was on him but to check her change. She did and it was correct. Like I said, "Mr. Perfect."


Tylor is great with customers too. He loves talking to them, especially the younger ones, always making sure that they get exactly what they want. Tylor usually tells our customers that he hopes that they like their shaved ice after waiting on them. He is very sincere about that too.

We have a few specialty flavors which are a mixture of flavors and toppings. A lot of people don't know that Tylor created most of them through experimenting with flavor mixes when he has free time.

Tylor will be working every other Saturday starting March 7th from 10:00 to 2:00 at the Wolfforth Farmers Market in our new big building. Come on out and see him. You will love talking to him.