Teresa is the focus of our 6th Friday profile of the employees of Nick's. She will be starting her 2nd year with us.


Teresa is currently attending the Vocational Transition Center and will graduate this May.

Teresa was the Master of Ceremonies of the VTC's Christmas program and the annual play when I was teaching there. I knew that I wanted her to work for Nick's the first time she performed.


I say performed because Teresa is a natural at getting an audience to like her. Her jokes were corny but her delivery was awesome. She has a way of making everybody laugh. She took being the MC very seriously and approaches her job the same way.

She follows a bit of a script when she waits on customers but it is not one that was given to her. It is completely authentic to Teresa. Teresa is 100% authentic. She finds her own way to make the customer feel valued.

Teresa loves it when kids approach the window. She often gives them a snowball and tells them to throw it at their parent or sibling. Kids often come back for more and she is quick to offer more snowballs.

If you haven't had Teresa wait on you yet, you really need to. You will see why I say that Teresa, like all of our other employees, is Differently Awesome.