Abby is the focus of our 5th Friday profile of the employees of Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise. This will be her second year to work for us.


Abby graduated from Coronado High School in 2019 and is currently participating as an intern in Project SEARCH at Covenant Hospital. She is loving it and is hoping to be hired at the hospital soon. We wish her the best and are excited that she would still want to work for us part-time.


Abby is amazing with customers. She has an unbelievable ability to immediately find a topic of coversation that interests them and she is sincerely interested in them too. One day a lady approached the trailer. Abby saw her handbag and knew all about it. The conversation was interesting. The very next customer was a young boy. She started discussing all of the things about Star Wars that only a real fan would know and the kid loved that she knew all about it. This goes on all day. It is an amazing talent that very few people have.

Abby does not like down time. If we aren't busy with customers, she is finding things to do on her own that most employees have to be told to do. This makes her a most valuable employee. I never have to worry about cleaning the trailer after her shift. She sees that it is done.

One interesting tidbit that most people wouldn't know is that Abby loves tips. Most employees do but Abby loves them more than most. It turns out that she saves them and uses them to buy Christmas presents for others. Abby is always thinking of others.

Abby will be at the Wolfforth Farmers Market most Saturdays all year long. We have an event with the trailer on April 24th so that should be about the time it starts up full time. It is currently undergoing renovations and we have run out of money so we will have to scramble to get it ready by then. It is just one thing we will be raising funds for in our Differently Awesome Fundraiser coming up this summer. We will let you know more about it as soon as our new website goes live.